Saturday, October 14, 2006

The conservative movement lied to you. They betrayed you. Join the New Whigs.

Liberty requires the protection of law against the evils which menace the health, safety, morals, and welfare of the people. West Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish, 300 U.S. 379, 391 (1937).

The conservative movement betrayed their promises to the American people. The big business elite which lead the way lied to you in order to garner more for themselves while leaving the American people holding a bag full of nothing but empty promises while their neighborhoods deteriorate, their homes crumble, their schools fail their children, their families go without medicine, their wages are frozen, and their tax burden far beyond their fair share. It is time for the American people to reclaim that which is rightfully their's. It is time for this country to once again return to the American tradition of progress towards greater protection of individual liberty and freedom through protections against the actions of the conservative elite and their big business cronies which menace the health, safety, morals, and welfare of the people.

The conservative elite told you tax breaks for their big business cohorts would help your family. They told you giving more money back to big business would mean it would be reinvested in you. They told you it would mean more jobs for your neighborhood, they told you it would mean more money for the big whigs running the company to provide health care for you and your coworkers. But now you look around and you wonder when that investment, your investment, in the elite will make it's way down to you. You look at your paycheck and notice the numbers have not increased in years while your cost of living has shot up well beyond the measly 300 bucks the government gave you in an attempt to buy your acquiscence into the conservative elite handing back much bigger checks to their big business friends. You see your paycheck going less and less far every month while they vote themselves raise after raise to coincide with the money given back to their big business friends. You look at your children and realize they still go without proper medical care while they are now on a free lunch program at school. All the while, that huge check that the conservative elite gave to their big business friends went directly in someone else's bank account or sent overseas. And you are left holding the tab.

They told you they would get you off the welfare rolls and onto the employment rolls. Only now you find there is nowhere to go when your children are hungry and the electricity is turned off because the only training they gave you was for a job at Walmart, and then they told Walmart it does not have to pay you the full value of your work. You find your children are sick and there is nothing you can do but get in line for hours at the emergency room because the big business you are stuck working for after all the small businesses in the neighborhood were forced to shut their doors will not spend a miniature portion of it's record profits to provide you with basic health benefits.

They told you they were looking out for the American worker when they got tough on undocumented workers crossing the border in search of a better life. They told you they were looking out for you and trying to make sure that American jobs went to Americans. But then you wonder why the factory in your town is shutting down after some elite big whig decided to send those jobs overseas, even after his big tax break.

They told you the economy is going great, they told you to just look at the record high stock market. You wonder, if the economy is going so great, why is my pay not even keeping up with inflation? You see the stock prices increase and record profits for the giant corporations run by big business elite who fund the conservative policies and yet you have to take on a second job to maintain anything like the lifestyle of your parents. The stock prices rise and they tell you it will mean more money for more jobs for your community and for raises in your pay and for health care to you and your family. Only it disappears into the pockets of their big business friends, just as the tax break did. And again, you are left holding the tab.

They tell you they are solving the problems with your failing schools. They tell you they will leave no child behind. But you look around and see that every child in your neighborhood school is being left behind, and the answer of the conservative elite was to take even more of the already incredibly limited resources out of the school. They tell you the solution is to privatize education. But you look around and see tuition at private colleges sky-rocketing and well beyond the reach of your family and you wonder how it is possible that the same situation in your neighborhood schools would benefit your community.

They told you bankrupty laws needed to be altered because too many were taking advantage of the system. But after the accident at the job that left you hospitalized, and your employer not providing medical insurance even after the big tax breaks it received as a friend of the conservative elite, you find yourself completely unable to pay the bills and support your family. And the bankrupty judge tells you you still must pay the giant corporation that now owns you because it provided the credit (at 30 percent) to pay for the hospital stay which your employer and the conservative elite running the show refused to help with, every single penny. And then, just when you thought everything would be alright because your pension would be there to support your family even if workman's comp was off the table, you find out that the bankruptcy judge did not tell the big business that refused to pay for your health care the same he told you. No, the big business elite declared bankruptcy and took your pension away before combining with even bigger business, and the conservative elite that was running the show made off with his golden parachute.

They told you they would give you a prescription drug plan. Only you look at the three-inch thick "choice" you have and realize you have no ability to take advantage of any of it. You look at the prices of your medicine and realize that you are paying much more now than you ever were before, and that after spending your life paying into the system you are not getting your money's worth. The plan they offered gave drug companies huge profits, and you are left catching a bus to Mexico or Canada so you can afford your pills.

They tell you they are giving you clean air. But you hear your children coughing through the night, you hear their wheezing as they try and play through the smog that the conservative elite told their big business friends not to worry about cleaning up. You see the bills for your children's asthma medicine pile up, and you wonder how you will pay for it after the corporation you work for cut your medical benefits, even after it's ownership received a fat check from the conservative elite's tax breaks.

They tell you if you just work hard and persevere you will get ahead. And so you went out and got the only job left in the neighborhood after their big business friend took the factory overseas. You work hard every day to put food on the table and a roof over your family's head because you believe that in America, if you work hard, you will be taken care of. But then they refuse to demand big business give you fair pay for a fair day's work.

They told you they were going to bring personal responsibility and morals back to Washington and the White House. But now you look around and see child molesters heading their efforts to protect children, you see conservative elite walking around K Street pocketing millions while paying off congressman with million dollar golf trips overseas, you see the truth being covered up while the nation is sent to war, you see the rights of voters trampled as the conservative elite applaud the efforts. All the while every one of them plays pass the buch, refusing to own up to any mistakes, refusing to take personal responsibility for anything, refusing to own up to their own moral shortcomings.

They told you they supported the troops. But you wonder why your son, your daughter, your brother, your sister, your mother, or your father had to go into combat without proper protection, even as billions are ciphoned into the hands of the big business friends of the elite in the White House. You wonder why, after all that has gone wrong, the only option they have to offer is to stick it out to avoid losing face. You wonder if they will build another wall on the national mall and put your loved one's name next to thousands more and try to call it even.

They said they were making a "Contract with America." Only they did not fill you in on a little secret of contract law, that contractual obligations can be avoided if it is good for business. And at every turn, when it has been good for the big business friends of the conservative elite, they have avoided their obligations to the American people. It is time to take back your government from big business and an elite that does not have your interest at heart. Join the New Whig a part of history.


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