Thursday, October 05, 2006

Why We Are Here...

The following is the text of a speech given by New Whig Founder and Chairman, Paul Linnenburger, at the World Can't Wait rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 5, 2006.

The fundamentalist and fundamentally un-American leadership in the White House is attacking everything positive that America once stood for. They are doing so without regard for the loud and gathering voices of opposition among the population, your voices. But now those voices are gathering in over 200 cities nationwide, and they are marching in solidarity as True Americans that believe in the rule of law rather than the rule of the sword, that believe in true liberty, equality and freedom, and that abhor Bush turning the Beacon on the Hill into the flashpoint of a muzzle.

We are here to tell Mr. Bush to stop hindering the scientific community in its attempts to cure disease.

We are here because we are concerned for our children. Children who, if Mr. Bush has his way, will continue to fall farther behind the global community because they will not be taught science that conflicts with his fundamentalist beliefs. Children who are being poisoned by the polluted air they breathe and water they drink. Children who will be left to suffer the wrath of mother nature because Mr. Bush refuses to accept that global warming, a preventable catastrophe, is looming just over the horizon.

We are here because women enjoy the strides this nation has made towards gender equality and we refuse to accept that a woman must be forced into child-rearing and left unable to choose the path of her life the same as a man.

We are here because we recognize that when two adults are in love they should be entitled to publically declare that love and maintain equal status with other couples in the same position.

We are here to denounce attempts to rewrite discrimination into the Constitution.

We are here to stand against xenophobia which defines hard-working, law-abiding peoples seeking a better life as a threat to security simply because English is not their first language.

We are here to condemn a President who stood by and did nothing as thousands in New Orleans were left for dead by their government.

We are here to declare that anyone who works for a living should earn a living.

We are here because the right of habeas corpus granted in the Magna Carta was an advancement of freedom that should never have been reversed.

We are here because the founders of this nation meant what they wrote in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment, and when the protections they guaranteed are brushed aside it is the innocent that have the most to fear.

We are here because we dread nuclear war and the suicidal path Mr. Bush has laid out for the human race, ensuring continued proliferation of nuclear weapons and a return of escalating arms races and being one itchy trigger finger away from nuclear holocaust.

We are here because democracy within nations cannot be had whilst the President denigrates democracy among nations.

We are here because, as this country laid out at Nuremberg, the launching of aggressive, preventive war is one of the greatest crimes a nation's leaders can commit.

We are here because torture is always wrong, incredibly inhuman and inherently evil.

We are here because tens of thousands of innocent humans are not "collateral damage."

We are here because thousands of American families will never see their loved ones again because of the lies of Mr. Bush.

We are here to send a message to President Bush. We are here to say "You do not represent us. We are not torturers. We are not fascists. We are not war-mongers. Step down Mr. Bush! America was a great country. We want it back!"


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