Monday, October 02, 2006

You Can't Afford to Wait if...

The fundamentalist and fundamentally un-American leadership in the White House and Washington is attacking everything good that America once stood for. They are doing so without regard for the loud and gathering voices of opposition among the population they somehow represent through ignoring. This Thursday, October 5th peoples in over 150 cities across the country will gather to demand the representative democracy actually represent democracy. You may feel you are too busy to take the time to add your presence to the movement, that your time is too important to spend speaking out against the policies of your un-American leaders because life seems fine for you at the moment and you can wait to see if things really get bad.

Well you are wrong, you cannot wait. Our democracy has already degraded to a point beyond recognition. If any of the following applies to you, you cannot afford to wait...

You or anyone you know is now suffering from, or may in the future suffer from any number of horrible diseases the worldwide scientific community is seeking to combat through the marvels of modern technology and use of frozen, otherwise wasted embryos. This administration is doing everything it can to sink this burgeoning field of study which offers so much hope to alleviate the suffering and untimely deaths of millions of people worldwide because it does not fit with their fundamentalist religious outlook, which, ironically is fundamentally un-Christian at its core.

You want your children to receive a well-rounded education. This administration and its allies are seeking to destroy the foundation of science education in your schools because they do not agree with their fundamentalist religious views. They are doing so at a time when the world is passing American children by in math and science and setting this country up for serious problems retaining an edge in technological fields.

You are a woman who enjoys the advances towards gender equality over the last few decades. This administration and its supporters hold a fundamentalist view that seeks to relegate women back solely to a sphere they fought long and hard to gain access out of.

You believe women should have the opportunity to determine the path of their life the same that men do. This administration is attacking birth control in an alarming way in an effort to return to a day when women were punished for their inability to control their sexual urges by being forced into childrearing while the father managed to avoid any such penalty.

You believe that consenting adults in love should be entitled to publically declare that love and maintain equal status with other consenting adults in love. This administration is trying to tell you who you can and cannot marry.

You, your friends, or your family are Latino. This administration and its followers have declared that the presence of hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying individuals who are seeking a better life for themselves and their family are a threat to national security, but only if they have darker skin and speak Spanish. This xenophobic response denigrates your culture while trampling on the declaration the Statue of Liberty makes to the peoples of the world.

You believe anyone working for a living should earn a living. This administration and its followers outright refuse to demand your employer pay you even the minimum necessary to maintain your basic dignity and be allowed to even attempt to pursue your own happiness.

You dread nuclear war. This administration proudly touts its record in advancing the cause of all-out nuclear war by pumping everything it can into efforts to develop nuclear weapons for use in all aspects of war and continued first strike capabilities. In the process, everything they have done has ensured the continued proliferation of nuclear weapons, escalating arms races, and a return to living on the edge of nuclear holocaust.

Your children's health and welfare is important to you. This administration has outright refused to accept complete agreement in the scientific community on the dangers of environmental degredation, instead promoting further such degredation in an attempt to squeeze a few more dollars into the pockets of their friends while your children will be left to deal with the wrath of mother nature and the entirely preventable diseases associated with polluted air, land and water.

You believe that democracy within nations cannot be accomplished by denigration of democracy among nations. This administration has done more in the last 6 years to dismantle mankind's efforts to rid humanity of the scourge of war than any terrorist organization could have hoped to accomplish. They are doing so with a frightening fundamentalist exceptionalism that has led to the downfall of every global hegemon in the past.

You believe rogue states must be stopped. This administration has blatantly ignored aspects of domestic and international law, generations in the making, designed to contain the use of force unless absolutely necessary and even then within basic standards of human decency. In doing so, it is acting in exactly the manner of those governments it claims are "rogue states" and severely undermining global and national security.

You believe, as the American-established Nuremberg Tribunal believed, that launching aggressive, preventive war is one of the greatest crimes against humanity a nation's leaders can commit. The Bush Doctrine accepts that which this country and the world disavowed but for the most horrific regimes the world has seen, preventive and aggressive war, a tactic utilized by Nazi Germany to begin the horror that became World War II and the Holocaust.

You are a minority seeking equal representation in American democracy. This administration and its minions, both Republican and Democrat, have systematically attempted to undermine the ability of minority groups to obtain equal access to government. They have done so as a supreme power grab in an attempt to shut you out of the electoral process and move the government farther and farther from that which America was meant to be, a nation progressing towards more freedom, more equality, more justice, and more liberty.

You believe that when the founders of this nation wrote the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment they meant what they said. This administration has consistently denigrated the most basic and fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution and its Amendments. Contrary to centuries of tradition they seek to spy on American citizens without probable cause, and to hold and detain anyone on the whim of their desires without due process and the rule of law.

You understand the significance of the 800 year old right to petition under the writ of habeas corpus in order to make the Government justify its continued detention of you. This administration and its minions have now written into the United States Code that the very right that birthed our legal system is no longer applicable if Mr. Bush so declares.

You believe that when the human race got together and declared torture a despicable act that could never be condoned the human race was in the right. This administration has done everything possible to rationalize a tactic that is always wrong, incredibly inhuman, and inherently evil.

You refuse to accept that hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings is acceptable "collateral damage" and that close to 3,000 American service men and women have died and tens of thousands more been maimed based on lies these people told you.

America was a great country. We want it back.


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