Saturday, December 09, 2006

Embarrassed on Human Rights Day...

Tomorrow, December 10, 2006, is Human Rights Day. A day meant to focus the world's attention on the grave violations of human rights that continue across the globe despite humanty's efforts. Still, that there are still widespread human rights violations does not mean progress has not been made...the very fact that such a thing exists as "Human Rights Day" and that abuses are exposed is indicative of the progress we have made in combatting the disgustingly base elements of human nature that lead to such things as blind eyes to rampant poverty and preventable and curable illness, slaughter of innocents, civil rights abuses and torture. The first step is to make it known what horrible things are occuring, for only with public knowledge can accountability be demanded of regimes that practice human rights abuses.

I wish I could tell you that, as an American, I was proud in the efforts of my government in confronting human rights abuses and cooperating with peoples worldwide to rid our earth of such sickening displays of inhumanity. unfortunately, I cannot. Rather, I can only sit here deeply ashamed that my government is largely responsible for doing nothing in the face of poverty and illness while taking a proactive stance, not against dispicable and obvious violations of human rights such as torture, but openly admitting and proudly declaring such violations as prudent policy.

I wish I could tell you that, as a nation with heretofore unimagined prosperity, all of mankind benefits from deeply ingrained American generosity and concern for the plight of our fellow women and men across the world. I wish I could tell you the insane amount of wealth generated by a controlled capitalistic market was being reinvested in a manner consistent with basic human dignity and an effort to lift all workers and their families worldwide out of the depths of poverty to share in the prosperity. I wish I could tell you that the interconnecting of the world had led to America calling for greater protections for all workers and all peoples in order to hitch a ride on the train. Unfortunately, I cannot. Rather, all I am forced to sit here and acknowledge that my government has failed the world...acknowledge that rather than simple measures that would make immeasurable differences in the lives of so many, within this nation and the world, in overcoming the harsh realities of poverty my government chose to hand trillions back to those that do not need it, those who already have more wealth than most nations, those who's greatest concern is which of the five yachts will be ready for sailing on Tuesday. I am forced to acknowledge that rather than using its position in the world to pressure nations into rising standards for workers, the Bush administration is using America to pressure governments into accepting Big Business' race to the bottom. So much good could be done with all this wealth, so little could go such a long way in providing education, housing, health care, and stability to countless people, Americans and our fellow human beings...but instead, the Bush administration gave it away to their friends.

I wish I could tell you that with all the money that American taxpayers throw towards research and development in the pharmaceutical industry no person went without the medicines they needed to keep them alive in this country. I wish I could tell you that with all the capital that America has available, preventable disease was being aggressively fought in impoverished nations where millions are dying unnecessarily. I wish I could tell you that with all this wealth, there was not a child in America that did not have access to a doctor when they needed one. Unfortunately, I cannot. Instead, I am forced to acknowledge that 18,000 people die yearly in this country alone unnecessarily due to lack of proper medical care and medicine. Instead, the Bush administration is raiding buses of elderly folks trying to find medicine that is remotely affordable because the "prescription drug plan" of his would be more aptly titled "Big Drug's Return on its Campaign Contributions." Instead millions of American children are without medical care through no fault of their own. Instead, the Bush administration refuses to allow money earmarked to combat AIDS in Africa to be spent on anything but brand name drugs...effectively cutting the number of sick people that could be saved in half. After the world made the great leap of humanity in declaring health a universal human government is working to deny that right to people simply because they cannot afford to buy access to the white house.

I wish I could tell you that America continued to lead the fight against intolerable brutality and police state-type actions from those in power. I wish I could tell you that America was on the side of the vulnerable masses of the world. I wish I could tell you that American might was fighting to protect those that could not protect themselves. Instead, I am waiting for a Congress to leave that has overseen the destruction of all that was great about America. The most basic of human rights, the very cornerstone of any democratic government and the foundation of all other rights, the right to be free from imprisonment without given away, even though, when backed into a corner and forced to prove any allegations in a court of law the Bush administration opts to set "the most dangerous" prisoners free. The President of the United States bragging that he violates the civil rights of Americans on a daily basis, that he is above the law despite his office being the leader of a nation founded upon the rule of law...and the legislature and the press lacking the gumption to so much as question his actions, even though everyone is well aware that the actions he ordered are violative of federal laws and punishable by five years in prison. And worst of all, America has become a nation that tortures...the most dispicable act a government can commit and one of the most outrageous human rights abuses imaginable...and the leaders of my government outwardly espouse their commitment to it.

If you tolerate this, then you children will be next. Impeach in '07.

New Whigs. We Are You.


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